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Judit the Spanish girl
     Miss judit was the first forign guest of 7sages youth hostel, she came from spain and she was a Genetic engineer. She told us she was tired because she had mach pressure on her job, then she quitted her job and packed her luggage, starting traval around the world.
     She had been many cities and countries before Xií»an China, however, Xií»an was the one she like best. she told us she had read a lot of chinese novels likeí▒ The Dream of Red Mansioní▒, í▒ Heroes of the Marshesí▒, í▒ Journey to the Westí▒ and í░The Golden Lotusí▒, she was very interested in chinese language and culture, that was why she like this ancient city so much.
     She stayed in 7sages for half a month. Every morning After the breakfast (simply milk and toast), she went out with a bicycle to travle around the city, normally she came back in late afternoon, then she went to the bar chatting with our staffs like an old friend.
When she was about leaving, we gave her a permanence membership card of 7sages, í░Miss Judit enjoys the VIP treatment in 7sages youth hostel forerverí▒. She was moved into tears when she saw this sentence written on the card, She hugbye with us one by one, we saw her off with tear in our eyes, All of us will never forget that day and Judit will always be our best friend.
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