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Sam the Unforgetable American Boy
  The young, smart, lovely boy Sam was definitely one of the most impressive friends of us. Sam came here from HongKong, He said he came to learn chinese because people who could speak chinese earn money more easily in USA. Sam worked in a school as a forgin teacher and he had a part time job in 7sages bar, after chatting with him, we starting to know ordinary american people and their lives, It is he made us knew how different between ordinary american people and american politicans.
  Firstly, Sam has a clear-cut stand, he told us:we american people hate wars, peace is beautiful.
  Before we knew sam, normally in our chineses eyes, an american guy was lax and slack, even careless. However, in fact, sam was well educated, sometimes we could even find some traditional chinese dignity on him, like courtesy. He was kind to everybody, minding his manners in front of others. Sam told us It is his mother tought him all those things which are very similar with our chinese virtue.
  His dedication to his works made himself respectable, he devoted himself to his job  and worked very hard when he was in the bar, all of our staffs of 7sages learnt a lot from him.
  Despite that, Sam was very funny and humorous, we tought him many chinese games, he learnt quickly and did them very well.
  We will never forget that young, smart and lovely boy Sam.
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