Wonderful memories
Sarah's friends
Christmas Party
The story in our hostel
Two Irish beauties: Sarah and Karen
 Weve heard Irish people are pationate, generous and hospitality before, then we deeply believed that it is true after we knew Sarah and Karen, They stayed in 7sages for a long time, every night they came to the bar chatting with us.
  Sarahs birthday party was the first birthday party we hold here in 7sages for our guests, no matter chinese or forigners,all of guests joined in the party, dancing and singing, everyone of us was enjoying that facinating time.
  Sarah and Karen wrote a poem for us and we attach it below.
  They went back after half a years staying, however, we still keep touching with them, they mentioned Beagle and never forget telling us to take good care of him in their every e-mail, (Beagle is our dog, but they took him for their own).
  After they went back, they introduced many of their relatives and friend coming here to see Beagle for themselves.
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