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  The winter solistice is an importance solar term in the lunar calendar in our country, which is also a traditional festival. To date, residents in many places maintain their customs of celebrating the festival of winter solistice . As far as in the Spring and Autumn Period 2,500 years ago, our country adopted the methods of tugui to measure the shadow of the sun for determining the twenty-four solar terms. Among them, the winter solistice is the first to be fixed, roughly around 22-23 December in the lunar calendar.

  In the ancient times, our country placed emphasis on the winter solistice and celebrated it as a great festival. There is an old saying "the winter solistice is as great as the new year". In addition, there are customs of celebrating the winter solistice . People think that the winter solistice is a lucky day deserving to be celebrated as it is the beginning of a cycle of solar term with the daytime longer and longer.
  Nowadays, the tradition of celebrating the winter solistice is maintained in some regions. In the north, people will eat dumpling and wonton while those in the south eat rice dumpling and long noodle. On the day of winter solistice  there is also the tradition of worshiping the God or ancestors.

  Those pictures show the dumpling party hold by 7sages youth hostel on the night of Dec. 22nd, we give all of our guests one bowl of dumplings by free gift, wish all of them warm and happy in this winter.




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